Tone Ranger
Tone Ranger
Dance music from the supernatural Southwest

Tone Ranger




On the Horizon, the second release from Santa Fe-based producer Tone Ranger (AKA Alex Simon), is a vibrant collection of songs developed on dance floors in the American Southwest.  Here, Simon continues his exploration of desert tones and timbres, this time bringing vocals and violins in with his signature alchemy of steel guitars, vinyl samples, and natural percussion.

On the Horizon is a glimpse of what is to come for this visionary producer as he carves a definitive path through the North American soundscape. This is music of radiance, not afraid to shine and integrate the shadows cast in that brightness. And above all, it’s for you to feel, to move with, to dance to. 

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6/14 Taos Mesa Brewing // Taos, NM
6/15 Interplanetary Festival // Santa Fe, NM
6/28 Ecstatic Dance // Cambria, CA
6/29 Stoke the World Festival // Santa Barbara, CA
6/30 Brander Winery // Santa Inez, CA 
7/4 SunBurn // NM
8/2 Arise Festival // Loveland, CO
8/16 Taos Vortex // NM

8/22 - 9/2 Burning Man // Black Rock City, NV
9/6 Carnival of Wonders // Half Moon Bay, CA
9/13 Mishawaka Amphitheater // Fort Collins, CO

more dates TBD…