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Tone RAnger EP

Tone Ranger makes a striking dance-floor debut with his self-titled EP, a surrealistic journey through the American Southwest. Sweet melodies and dynamic textures blend with full-blown psychedelic elements, like a Dali painting that dances. Spiritual elements permeate these songs, embodied in Native flutes, natural percussion, field recordings, and signature cosmic lap steel - all electrified, all magically interwoven.

The EP opens with Cheyenne, a groove suffused with mystery and celebration, brimming with joyous slide guitars and the flowing flutes of NAMA winner Shelley Morningsong. The next two tracks, Saguaro and Gallup, are a psychedelic journey through the desert - full of twists and turns, heat and thirst, showcasing Tone Ranger’s knack for daring and inventive navigation. Rattlesnake sounds recorded deep in the Arizona desert, narrative samples from old Western records, and ricocheting steel guitars are grounded by hypnotic rhythms that don’t let go. Finally, Flow shows the subtle side of Tone Ranger - the side that plays with space, that honors solitude, that feels an upwelling of emotions while walking through the woods as the sun goes down.