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Originally hailing from the California coast, Tone Ranger (aka Alex Simon) moved to the New Mexican desert in 2016. Seeking a deeper connection to the landscape and the truth about the Indigenous experience in this land, he took a farm job in Navajo Nation. This led him to travel up to Standing Rock, where he spent 4 months learning about Indigenous history and the modern struggles facing Native America today. He now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he leads a service project called Sovereign Sounds, seeking to bring recording materials and training to Indigenous communities all across the Southwest.

In his own music, he has carved a definitive path, making dance music that reflects the supernatural beauty of the American desert. Uniting light and shadow, chaos and order, future and retro, he weaves daring electronic compositions designed for the dance floor.

With such a violent history and divisive present, America needs to heal from the inside out. The music of Tone Ranger is a deep exploration of the joy, beauty, truth, and mystery of the land we stand on and a prayer that we can move forward and heal together.