Tour Notes, Day 2: The Sun in Cheyenne

Photo by Jade Begay

Photo by Jade Begay

When I came up to Standing Rock last year on that fateful voyage north, it was when I stepped foot in Cheyenne, WY (nicknamed The Frontier City and Magic City of the Plains) that I felt an undeniable calling to tour up in this region the following year. Gladly, I stuck to it.  It was one of my favorite performances to this day, not just because of how I played, but who I played for.

At the Paramount Cafe downtown, I played for a vibrant mixture of folks from some pretty wild walks of life.  One of them was an old rancher of Apache descent, who has 48,000 acres of land and claims that he once saved Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus from an RV stuck in the mud and that Miley wrote the song "Wrecking Ball" after him. (Who knows for sure, right?) Another man I met was an ex-Marine who went into the Marines "wanting to kill people and left wanting to save people." He was actually walking down the street in typical hippie-spiritual dress when I came up and told him I was playing and that he'd dig it.  He was floored and between every song, he told me how grateful he was that I had stopped him. It was a very serendipitous connection indeed.  My favorite thing was that everybody there, even the ones who strolled in for a few minutes, even the ones who look like they might have voted for Trump, seemed to connect to it magnetically. As a performer, you can tell when the listening energy is there and it just makes you play better.

I could not have asked for a better show there and now it's off to Grand Teton and Yellowstone for a different, more exploratory, phase of the tour.  

Until next time...

Alex Simon