Tour Notes: Last Leg of Colorado

Two nights ago, I played at Prospect farms, an urban farm in Colorado Springs and last night, I played in a distillery in Longmont, a town just outside of Boulder. Age-wise, the crowds I played for were polar opposites - in one it was all college students and in the other, I was the youngest person by a long shot.  But in both cases, I had a great time playing and the response from the crowd was not just close listening, but some deep and meaningful words, even personal anecdotes.  More than once on this tour, people have commented on a feeling of nostalgia - that, like a smell, it reminds them of a place they've been that they can't quite put their finger on. Others talk about a journey, that it takes them to a forest and far away from the stresses that they face coming into the performance. As a composer and a performer, there's not a whole lot more that I could ask for. It absolutely motivates me to refine the music and take it on tour again and again. I want, more than anything, to connect with people through the power of music. 

Prospect Farms listens in

Prospect Farms listens in

In the picture above, I am playing in a garage on an urban farm and some people are listening close in, some people are frolicking around outside.  I do not underestimate the gift of being allowed to hold the space and fill it with what I wish, taking cues from the crowd listening. It's an immense pleasure and though this leg of the journey ends soon, it is just the beginning of so many more to come as I let my body of music explore the wilderness of sights, sounds, people, places, towns, cities, farms, and all that stuff.

Thank you, Colorado. Thank you, Wyoming. Till next time...

Alex Simon