The Glass Canoe

This is a dream I had around the time of the spring equinox. What makes this dream different from others is that it concludes with a proper ending. It was like watching a short film.



There is a traveling composer who works with dark magic during his live performances. It isn’t that he’s sinister per se, but his display of magic is dramatic - awesome, in the biblical sense of the word, almost dangerous. In one scene, he plays in a desert amphitheater and during the performance, a raven flies on top of a rock and the rock vanishes.  He has many disciples, people who seek to learn the secrets behind his magic. One disciple in particular, a famous comedian*, desperately wants to know and is told that soon he will.

In the next scene, the comedian is in a post office and receives a pretty beat-up package that’s taped on the sides. He opens this immediately to find a green storage bin. He understands that if he opens up the bin, there is no going back. This is Pandora’s box. He opens the lid only to find ice and water and mumbles aloud, “but I don’t like ice water.”

The next thing he knows, he’s on a mound of dirt in a burial site. The green plastic tub now appears as a glass canoe, still filled with ice water. Calmly and without a word, he climbs in and watches the sun go down. The scene cuts to black. 


Alex Simon